Michael ultimately escapes, and eventually returns to dry land. At the seaside, Tracey says that Michael and Jimmy are ruining her life. The next day, a heated argument between Michael’s daughter Tracey, and his spouse, Amanda, occurs inside the home; Michael escapes to the poolside and lies on a sun lounger in his backyard, with a glass of whisky in his hand. He lays down in his chair sporting earphones, relaxing while listening to “I Don’t Care Anymore” on his iFruit smartphone, the place he is interrupted by Franklin, who took up Michael’s earlier “offer” of a drink.

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In his continued rage, Trevor sends his good friend Wade to seek out Michael’s whereabouts, and virtually single-handedly wipes out most of The Lost members in Sandy Shores. He then travels to Los Santos to search out the person he thought was dead. With no other choice, Michael comes out of his retirement and returns to his former lifetime of crime.

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Rickie then inadvertently mentions that the LifeInvader phone is within the demo room. Michael picks up the phone and swaps the phone’s battery for the explosive gadget given to him by Lester. He returns residence and watches the Weazel News broadcast of Jay Norris live on television. During the broadcast, Norris reveals the phone and Michael calls Norris, as per Lester’s request. Norris answers the call and the telephone detonates subsequent to his head, killing him instantly and cutting the broadcast brief. The subsequent day, Michael is watching a noir-type film, however Jimmy loudly swearing by way of his gaming headset distracts Michael from having fun with it, so he decides to venture upstairs to see what’s going on.

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This time they must rob an armored truck filled with funds that the IAA has received because of drug sales. Haines desires those funds to help help the Bureau. After some brief preparation time, Michael decides they will approach it with “traditional Blitz Play”, and the heist is executed with some gentle LSPD and NOOSE resistance. Michael then proceeds to ship the funds to billionaire Devin Weston, who provides Michael a partnership together with his movie idol, who happens to be film producer Solomon Richards. However, he has to steal several rare vehicles for Weston with Trevor and Franklin. Offered his dream job, Michael eagerly agrees and delivers the vehicles to Weston. Michael is thrilled to lastly meet Richards, who hires him as an assistant.

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He then contacts his old associate Lester Crest, who agrees to help Michael get the money, however only if he agrees to sabotage a prototype telephone as a result of be unveiled by Jay Norris, the founder of social networking site Lifeinvader. Michael infiltrates the LifeInvader Office and meets a pc skilled named Rickie Lukens, who invitations Michael upstairs and will get him to start engaged on the computer. Michael has to close dozens of pop-ups and run Anteater antivirus software program to rid the pc of the viruses.

Trevor forces Lazlow to take off his pants and dance for him as he films it on his smartphone. In the aftermath, Tracey angrily blames Michael for “ruining her life” once more, which doesn’t seem to trouble him even a bit. The heist goes smoothly, and the debt owed to Martin Madrazo is paid off, with Michael and Franklin taking a small cut of the takings for themselves. Unfortunately for Michael, Trevor Philips, who has been alive this entire time, was watching the information report of the robbery; recognizing Michael’s modus operandi , he goes into an initially calm and nearly impassive confusion. He then goes into a quick outburst of rage, killing The Lost MC leader Johnny Klebitz in seconds.

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The pair give chase to a terrified Lazlow in a hijacked Phantom truck. The pursuit leads them to the Los Santos Canal, where Lazlow’s Dilettante finally breaks down, ending the pursuit.

After Jimmy insults him, Michael throws a chair straight at Jimmy’s tv, calling him a “disrespectful little asshole.” This riles Jimmy up, but also furthers Michael’s rage, the place Michael eventually dares Jimmy to hit him. However, the heat shortly dies down, and Michael explains that he strongly hates how Jimmy is losing his life away by doing nothing productive. Later on, they have a short bicycle race and end at the Del Perro Pier. Jimmy factors out an expensive and enormous yacht within the distance, and states that Tracey is on board, helping shoot an grownup movie. Enraged at the considered his daughter hanging around with strange, perverted men, Michael takes his shirt off and dives into the ocean, swimming to the yacht. He eventually climbs aboard, and really shortly begins to cause drama on it, throwing a conveyable speaker and a person overboard. He takes Tracey back ashore in opposition to her will on a Seashark, however not before two movie producers give chase after him, resulting in a shootout.

He toys with him, inflicting an eruption of anger amongst the household. Trevor unexpectedly walks in, a lot to everybody’s shock and horror. Michael nervously says “It’s good to see you, man.” Trevor sardonically reciprocates, saying he is not bestadulthookup.com the one which was “resurrected”.

Thankfully, the tension is broken by Jimmy revealing that Tracey has gone to audition for Fame or Shame. Realizing that Tracey will embarrass herself in front of the nation because of her “horrible dancing”, Michael and Trevor rush to the Maze Bank Arena. They watch in shock and horror as Tracey performs a sexually seductive dance and Lazlow begins to do a sexual pose behind her, angering each Michael and Trevor.

His first job is to persuade Ancelotti crime family made man Rocco Pelosi to obey Solomon’s needs for a way the actors should behave through the manufacturing of Solomon’s latest motion picture Meltdown. Michael stealthily climbs to the helipad where he punches Rocco. He then performs some dangerous maneuvers in the helicopter to persuade Anton Beaudelaire to observe Solomon’s orders. This gets Michael on Richards’ good aspect and is promised the role of producer for the upcoming movie if Michael continues his good work. After a number of days of laying low from the jewelery retailer heist, Michael finds marijuana within the fridge, and correctly assumes it’s Jimmy’s.