Married businessman discovers himself ensnared in sinister Adam4Adam extortion scheme

A later date, another closeted homosexual businessman blackmailed on a homosexual sex application.

31-year-old David Cox happens to be faced with extortion, a third-degree felony, after presumably threatening to deliver nude photographs to your spouse and company lovers of a Minnesota businessman.

In accordance with court public records, Cox plus the businessman came across on Adam4Adam when you look at the wee morning hours hours of might 30. They arranged to hookup during the Marriott resort into the Key Bank Tower in downtown Cleveland.

The businessman told police which he was at city for work. After communicating with Cox regarding the dating application, he offered him their telephone number and college accommodation quantity.

Three hours passed away before Cox arrived. As he finally turned up, the businessman told police that Cox “was nothing can beat the photos he revealed me personally on the webpage.” When he stated had been no further thinking about setting up, Cox declined to instead leave and went into the restroom then arrived on the scene naked.

Regardless of the businessman’s misgivings, the two guys “engaged in a consensual intercourse act.” At some point, the businessman “became unnerved” and stated he no further wished to carry on because of the encounter.

“I became scared,” he told authorities. “I acted like I became [okay] with every thing last but not least stated end, forget about.”

Then things got really strange.

The guy told authorities he offered Cox $40 after Cox stated he had purchased medications. The Minnesota man stated he didn’t desire any and told Cox to go out of.

Cox left but later on called the person and demanded $50. The man declined, but Cox gone back towards the college accommodation about 5 a.m. Might 31 and demanded $20 for parking, based on authorities.

Later on that time, Cox called and emailed the guy demanding more income. The person told authorities he paid Cox $270.

However it didn’t stop there.

On June 5, Cox threatened to create pictures of this businessman to their naive wife’s Facebook web web page, along with e-mail all their customers, unless he delivered him $1,500. Then he delivered the businessman a PayPal cash demand.

That’s once the businessman finally visited authorities.

In accordance with court papers, Cox had been convicted of aggravated theft this season after stealing $800 from a lady that is old.

he had been sentenced to 2 yrs probation, but violated the terms and wound up serving an in prison year.

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Billy Budd

We do not rely on karma or just about any other BS. just just What this unlawful did had been unforgivable. Keep him in jail for a time that is long please.


Happy the authorities caught this thief and extortionist. It absolutely was a bad indication whenever he fundamentally got down by having a slap regarding the wrist for stealing $800 from an elderly woman, however now he’s potentially damaged this DL man’s life and taken money him, therefore think about it, courts, secure him up when it comes to maximum length of time this felony conviction enables. As he gets out if you don’t, he’ll harm someone else as soon.


Extortion is incorrect and terrible irrespective, but pardon me personally because he lies about who he is to his wife and got caught with his pants down if I don’t feel bad for a “DL” man’s life being “ruined.


A sobering training for all DL hitched men who will be scheming to cheat their wives on homosexual hookup web web web sites.


@Crystix, gotta say, I’m with you with this one. Why the hell is it also still something in this and age day? You know who’s life is ruined? The wife’s life. She actually is in a fake sham wedding with a guy who is not whom he pretends become and does not really like her in the manner that she deserves. These closeted men in right marriages *nowadays* really piss me off. I do have more sympathy when it comes to people who achieved it in previous times…but NOW?


okay, Crystix/WindChime/CastleSF or whoever you may be, really? You might be castigating a guy whom might be struggling along with his sex and crimes that are justifying him? Actually? After all, WTF? It’s 2018, maybe maybe not 1518! There is a large number of reasons folks are DL, starting with societal homophobia, social and spiritual upbringing, an such like, and also you don’t understand something about that guy aside from what’s being reported, so let’s fall this holier than thou mindset. DarkZephyr, I respect your posts, therefore I’ll just say i’m not going to call it a “fake sham” one that we don’t know anything about this couple’s marriage, thus. And yes, in 2018, you will find individuals who for a number reasons continue to be unpleasant developing. After all, does anybody really genuinely believe that there isn’t an individual homosexual or man that is bi playing within the NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLB? A number of them are hitched! You can find reasons folks are DL, right now. I’m away, I urge everybody to turn out, but We additionally realize why some individuals are nevertheless within the wardrobe. Homophobia is genuine, even now.


There is all sorts of excuses for why this DL guy didn’t turn out, Kangol but this is simply not concerning the proven fact that this unhinged guy hides in the cabinet.

the facts for the matter is, exactly just what he did is incorrect and incorrect. You can’t pretend that it is appropriate whenever you know very well what you are carrying out is incorrect.


Shame on each of those. The actual only real target this is actually the bad spouse. She deserves better and I also wish it is got by her.