A story, not a normal love story, it contains all, romance, action, and dance. It’s a story of a father, who can not postpone his son’s wedding who is all trapped in Italy due to the Pandemic Covid-19 situation.

Balbir, father of Hathori (in Italy) and Ninja, his friend Ruldu advice him to hire an Artist to play with his son for a day. They con our Hero, Laddi, and sign him as a hero in a film, they lie to Nimrat (our main female lead) saying that her husband had to leave for his job, she believes her father-in-law and fully supports him.

He manages to get through the wedding for everyone and shoots Laddi, later when Laddi finds out the truth, he tries to get his wife. By the end of the film, Ballu has a change of heart and agrees to the reality by sending Nimrat with Laddi, resulting in a chaotic Vidai as Hathori returns from Italy.

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Sunil Thakur

/ Director

Singga as “Laddi”

/ Actor

Sanjana Singh as “Nimrat”

/ Actor

B.N Sharma

/ Actor




Production Crew



Movie Title: Kade haan Kade naa.

Production House: YKBK48 Entertainment Private Limited.

Main Producer: Prerna Sharma, Yoshiya Kato, Rohit Bakshi.

Line Producer: Aalam Kamboj.

Executive Producer (Project Designer): Vishal Vats.

Written & Director: Sunil Thakur.

Associate Director: Harrish Prashar .

Assistant Director: Vasudha Vinni (Chief assistant), Dhruv Sason ( assistant ), Sahil Dwivedi, Amiti Kashyap, Banny Chauhan, Krishna Maheshwari, Ruvhe Chaudhry.

Movie Genre: Romantic comedy.

Starring: Singga, Sanjana Singh.

Main Starcast: B.N.Sharma, Nirmal Rishi, Sumit Gulati, Ashok Pathak, Simran Sehajpal, Parkash Gadhu, Ravinder Mand, Rajesh Sharma, Shivani Thakur, Happy Singh, Pubhinder Barnala, Deepika Sharma, Kavita Sharma, Sandeep Kailay, Ravi Aneja, Darshan Rahi, Rippan Khuller, Raghav Gautam, Sandeep Kailay, Harish Kalra, Bhindi Bhau (Harbindder), Jaggi Kharoud, Sangeeta Gupta, Suny Sidhu, Chandan Bloch, Jaspreet Mohal (Jay Jass), Rushneet Kaur, Jasmine Rathor.

Language: Punjabi.

Cinematographer: Shakil A. Khan.

Filming Location: Patiala, Punjab.

Project designer: Shubham Chandarchur.

Dubbing artist: Rajveer Suryavanshi (Vicky), Pooja Goyal.

Creative director and costume designer: Shivani Thakur.

Production designer: Kazi Rafik Ali.

Art Director: Mithun Chattarjee.

Editor: Rohit Dhiman.

Screenplay: Sukhjeevan Randhawa, Vishu Uppal.

Dialogues: Chanchal Dabra.

Production Controller: Vinay Singh.

Production manager: Sunny Wrraich, Vishal Mahajan, Akashbir (Guggu).

Associate Line Producer: Ashok Kumar.

Lyrics: Binder Nathumajra, Jung Sandhu, Ullumanati, Mone Wala, Vishu uppal.

Choreographer: Sunil Thakur.

Singers: Singga, Prabh Gill, Ricky Khan, Afsana Khan.

BGM: Sandeep Saxena.

Location Adviser: Harinder Saini.

Music: Ullumanati (Anup Kumar), Youngarmy

Visual promotion: Hashtag#studios.

Technician: Gopal Semwal (Sound recordist).

Dubbing: Master Prime Studios.

Website: Kapple Baghla.

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